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About polocrosse

The Game 

Polocrosse known as the "King of the One Horse Sports" is a combination of polo, lacrosse and netball. Played on horseback, each rider uses a cane stick with a squash racquet type head and a loose net in which the ball is carried. Unlike polo, each player is permitted only one horse in the match, the team consists of six players, divided into two sections of three who play alternate "chukkas' of eight minutes each for 6/8 chukkas. The three players in each section consist of a No.1 (attack), No.2 (centre) and No.3 (defense). The No.1 is the only player who can score a goal in their area, however the ball, once thrown in at the start by the umpire, can be picked up and passed around by all players. The object of the game is to score as many goals as possible by throwing the ball between goal posts at either end of the field. The field is 146.5m long and 55m wide, with goal posts 2.5m apart at each end. It is a fast and exciting game, with high priority given to the safety of both the horse and its rider due to accredited umpires controlling the game. 

 The purely Australian horse sport of polocrosse has been played in Australia since 1939. It was derived from an equestrian exercise practiced indoors at riding schools in England, which instructors developed to make young riders take better charge of their horses. After an Australian couple, Mr & Mrs Hirst from Sydney, watched this exercise, they returned to Australia, made adjustments to the game and developed rules so that it could be played outdoors. They did this with the help of well known and experienced horseman and polo player, Mr Alf Pitty. The sport was ideal for Australian conditions, using only one horse per player and able to be played by a person of any age. They called the new game "Polocrosse".

Seventy years on and there are some 4,500 players of all ages and from all walks of life registered in 250 clubs throughout Australia.

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